We’re building an even better SportsBlog in 2024

The good news is that we are building a brand new, even better SportsBlog.

The bad news is it’s not ready yet.

So we’re pausing SportsBlog on December 14th, 2023.

What this means

  1. New signups will not be available.
  2. The site will stay up but users won’t be able to login or publish new content.
  3. Silver or Gold plan users will no longer be charged.
  4. Existing users can download their posts before 6-1-2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! On SportsBlog you’ve always owned your content. You received an email in early December 2023 with a download link. If you don’t remember getting it, check your SPAM folder. Try searching for *Download your SportsBlog Archive*. If you still can’t find it, email [email protected].
We’re planning to relaunch in late 2024.