Why Cam and Jameis will be playing for 2021, not 2020

With the first wave and the second wave of free agents signings come and gone and COVID-19 on the loose, have Cam and Jameis missed the spot to sign for a starting gig. The salary cap is the highest we have ever seen it but do the right teams still have the money or the patients to sign either of these two.

198.2 Million Dollars... Yes, that's right $198.2 Million per team to spend on 55 guys on game day. 50% of the league has $15 or more million dollars available according to overthecap.com. Both of these guys came off last year making well over $15 Million. Jameis made $20.9 Million last year while Cam made $23.2 Million last year including a prorated bonus money. Who is willing to put that kind of money or potentially that kind of money into one of these players? I mean would they be looking to follow suit with a contract similar to Marcus Mariota with the Raiders? 2 years 17.5 Million with only $7.5 in guarantees? If they can put down their egos and get to work here are my favorites spots for these players to land.

Dolphins... Cam Newton 2 years $30 Millon $16 Guaranteed

I think the Dolphins are looking to take Tua with their first-round pick 5th overall, I think they will have to move up to get Tua but they have the draft capital to do so without having to give up anything they may hold value in. COVID-19 isn't allowing NFL scouts and front office personal to get their hand on medical records or have in-house Docs take a look at the now-famous hip of Tua. It may be 100% ready to go come OTAs and everything else that comes along with an NFL rookie but it also may closer to 75% and a little time on the bench may not be a bad thing. I think all have a belief somewhere that Cam can find that 2015 form if we believe hopefully Cam does too. Theirs no lying that he is fun to watch on Sundays and we all love watching him give that special kid his TD ball. With the Dolphins having lots of draft capital to get good quickly. They have a good coach and that showed my the Dolphins surprising everyone to 5 wins last year. Sign Cam to something like the Colts did with Jacoby last year, but most of his money into game day bonuses. You play we pay. If Cam can play well and allow Tua a chance to get used to the speed of the NFL and not be rushed into actions all parties may win. 2021 Cam gets traded and resigned to one more big contract before he walks off into the sunset, the Dolphins acquire draft capital for the next year and continue to build around a young team and Tua. Thanks for the cup of coffee Cam!

Jameis..... New England 3 years $60 Million $30 Guaranteed

Tom you wanna go to Tampa and enjoy the sunshine state? Bill will take the risk and try and show the world that he can do it with anyone even Mr. 30 for 30. Jimbo Fisher figured out the magic touch to make Jameis tic, can Bill? Bill has been great at forming game plans around defenses for years, why not start forming these great game plans for a limited QB. No one would say that Jameis doesn't have a strong arm and cant make all the throws. I think Bill can come up with game plans that value the football and reduce turnovers. New England can win with 33 TD and I think they can win with 15 interceptions. Signing Jameis to a contract that he would even consider does have its consequences. New England only has around $2.1 Million in cap space right now. Hightown is 30 years old the New England way is to send them packing early then be carrying dead weight.t Cutting Hightower saves the Pats roughly $10 Million that frees up enough money to sign Jameis to a 3 year $60 Million with $30 in guarantees, allowing New England to get out early if Jameis isn't able to hold onto the ball or they just hit a jackpot and opened up Bills window for another 3 years with a young QB and paying him below market value.... sorry AFC East I think they may be sticking around for a while.

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