Why Ben Revere was perfect for the Angels

Most of the off-season talk has been about big sluggers and blockbuster trades. During that time the Los Angeles Angels performed the steal signing of the off-season. The Angels signed outfielder Ben Revere to a one-year four million dollar deal for 2017. Revere was non-tendered by the Washington Nationals and became a free agent. 

The Angels quickly scooped him up on a small deal that could pay off huge. Revere hit .217/.260/.300 with 2 home runs and 24 RBI in 103 games with the Nats in 2016. Yes, Revere had a rough year, but he also hit .306 in 2015 and led the National League in hits in 2014. Injuries were a problem for Revere last season, but expect a bounce back season from him.

Revere does not strikeout much and has the ability to take walks. 190 career stolen bases for Revere, he should be a strong candidate at the top of the Angels batting order. A good contact hitter that has plate discipline and speed. Only 29-years-old it is hard to believe the Angels got Revere for so cheap.

The best part about this deal for the Angels is that they can trade him at the trade deadline. Revere's contract expires after 2017 and he'll be eligible for free agency. If Revere has a bounce back season and the Angels do not believe they can reach an extension, then they can trade him. This signing is a low risk/high reward situation for the Angels and a much needed win for the organization.