Francisco Lindor Is Thankful a Fan Escaped Serious Injury

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Francisco Lindor Is Very Thankful a Fan Escaped Serious Injury On Sunday During The Cleveland Indians-Kansas City Royals Game On Sunday Where The Indians Won The Game 5-4.

But In The Bottom Of The Sixth Inning Francisco Lindor Was At The Plate. He Fouled Off a Line Drive Which Hit a 3-Year Old Boy Who's Name Is Only Being Identified As Henry. Lindor's Line Drive Landed Several Sections, And About 12-To-15 Rows Away From The Protective Netting. An Adult Was Holding The Child When He Was Taken From The Seating Area Immediately Afterward.

The 3-Year Old Boy Who's Name Is Only Being Identified As Henry Was Taken To a Local Hospital In Cleveland And Was Released On Sunday Night.

The Cleveland Indians Released This Statement On Monday...

We Are So Thankful That This Child's Injuries We Not Serious And We Would Love To Have Henry And His Family Back At The Ballpark Because This Is a Happy Ending To a Story That Could Have Been A lot Worst. And We Are Very Happy About This Outcome."

Francisco Lindor Said This To Reporters On Monday...

" I Am Very Relieved That Henry Was Not Seriously Hurt In This Whole Nightmare. This Could Have Been a Nightmare For Him Or Even Worst For His Family And I Am So Happy That Henry Is Being His Three Year Old Self."

The Chicago White Sox and The Washington Nationals Debuted Their New Netting From Foul Pole To Foul Pole. The White Sox Debuted It On Monday Against The Miami Marlins. And The Washington Nationals Debuted Today Against The Colorado Rockies After a Monday Rainout.

Here's My Take And This Could Be a Reality Very Soon...

This Season In Major League Baseball It Seems That The Big Story Is Who Will Get Hurt In Stands By a Foul Ball. It All Started In Houston On May 29th During a Cubs-Astros When Albert Almora Jr Hit a Two-Year Old Girl After He Hit a Line Drive Foul Ball. Almora Was Shaken Up Very Badly After That And He Was Seen On The Field Crying. On The Same Night Another Fan Got Hit By a Foul Ball In Los Angeles During a Dodgers Game. Then It Was Cody Bellinger Hitting a Young Fan At Dodger Stadium Just Before The All-Star Break. Then On Sunday Lindor Hits a Child In The Seats With a Line-Drive.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Says It's Hard To Mandate All Major League Ballparks Have Netting From Foul Pole To Foul Pole Because Of The Configurations At Some Of These Parks.

Well Here We Go Again Commissioner Manfred, What More Do You Need To See To Keep You From Getting Off Your High Horse And Mandate All Parks Have The Protective Netting. Do You Need To See a Replay Of What Happened In Houston On May 29th, Well If You Don't Do Anything It Could Happen Again. So Manfred You Need To Mandate All MLB Parks Have The Protective Netting And Let's Keep The Fans In The News For All Of The Right Reasons And Keep The Fans Safe. Is It To Much To Ask, I Don't Think It Is Because I Want To See Kids And Parents And The Rest Of The Major League Baseball Community Be Kept Safe From Line Drive Foul Balls And Be Kept Safe While They're Attending a Game.

Commissioner Rob Manfred, Please Do The Right Thing And Mandate The Netting From Foul Pole To Foul Pole, And Let's Keep The Fans Safe, Because I'm Sure You Don't Want Another Child Or Fan Getting Hurt.

Bottom Line...