Here Are Some 2020 World Series Odds

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The 2020 MLB regular season is just a little over two weeks away, however I have some very early World Series odds for 2020 that you might find interesting. The two odds favorites, the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers are very loaded however I have some reservations about both of them.

I have six teams in total that I am going to talk about tonight most of them have a shot but like I said, everybody is talking about a Yankees-Dodgers World Series in 2020.

New York Yankees, odds {3-1} they are picked to win 100 games: The Yankees are loaded with Judge and Stanton. I know the Yankees don not have James Paxton or Luis Severino in the lineup due to injury. But the Yankees did pickup Gerrit Cole form the Houston Astros during the offseason. Cole has pitched solid in spring training so far.

I like the Yankees chances of winning the American League pennant, but they have got to try to stop the LA Dodgers and that's going to be a tough task.

Los Angeles Dodgers, odds {3-1} they are picked to win 101 games: When the Dodgers picked up Mookie Betts and David Price form the Red Sox During the offseason I was thinking, they are now really loaded.

If you look at the pitching staff with Clayton Kershaw and now David Price that's all you need to know. These two will be dangerous to all hitter in the league. As far as the hitting goes, lookout. With Betts in the lineup the balls will go flying out of Dodger stadium. With a lineup that consists of Max Muncy, Justin Turner and Cody Bellinger the Dodgers are going to be hard to beat.

I can see them equaling last years win total of 106 games or even winning more games in 2020.

Minnesota Twins, odds {16-1} they are picked to win 93 games: The surprise American League Central Champs shocked everybody, including yours truly. They won over 100 games last year and dethroned the Cleveland Indians as the kings of the central.

Pitcher Jose Berrios, he went 14-8 last year with a 3.68 ERA. The Twins picked up Kenta Maeda, last year Maeda went 10-8 with a 4.04 ERA with the Dodgers. The Twins chances of repeating comes down top how good the pitching will be. The addition of Maeda really helps but if the Twins want to repeat they also need some hitting out of their sluggers. Last year, Nelson Cruz hit 41 home runs hit .311 last year. Max Kepler hit 36 home runs and hit .252 last year.

The Question is can the Twins repeat and do it again or will they be a one hit wonder. That question still needs to be answered, however the Twins look loaded again.

Houston Astros, odds {8-1} they are picked to win 94 games: Last year the Houston Astros won 107 games, the best in baseball. Then like a thud, the sign-stealing scandal hit the team which cost manager AJ Hinch his job. The Astros have a new manager in Dusty Baker, and let me tell you this, he's a proven loser. Think about the 2003 Cubs for a second. But Baker has said that George Springer will be the leadoff hitter when the season starts.

The Question will be the pitching, Justin Verlander, has not had a good spring training and is day-to-day. Last year Verlander had 300 strikeouts and a 2.58 ERA and was a 21 game winner. The issue is he's getting c loser to 40, so who can help Verlander out, let's try Zack Grenkie, last year he had 18-5 record with a 2.93 ERA. Grenkie, who is 36 can still pitch pretty well and it might comedown to Grenkie if he can stay healthy.

The question is will the sign-stealing scandal comeback to haunt the Astros during the regular season, we don't know that but the Astros have a HUGE Target on their backs in 2020.

Washington Nationals, odds {20-1} they are picked to win 85 games this season. Last year's World Series champions are only a longshot, don't let that fool you. Last year the Nationals were 12 games under .500 at the end of May and then all of the sudden they took off. The Nationals had to do it the hard way and they might have to do that again.

The Good news for the Nationals is that they have Stephen Strasburg and he had a 18-6 record last year with a 3.32 ERA And Max Scherzer is back as well, he had 2.92 ERA last season. The Hitting is going to be the key this time around. Juan Soto is going to have to step up, last year he had 34 home runs and he also had a .282 batting average. Adam Eaton will also have to step up, he only had 15 home runs last year, but he did have a .279 batting average.

This could be a repeat of the Nationals of last year because that's the way it looks right now if you think about.

St Louis Cardinals, odds {12-1} they are picked to win 86 games this season: The best news the Cardinals got is when Jack Flaherty got the contract extension. Last year Flaherty went 11-8 with a 2.75 ERA, I'm glad he's still in St Louis because the Cardinals need him. I have nothing against Adam Wainwright but I have some concerns, last year Wainwright went 14-10 with a 4.19 ERA. Wainwright needs to lower his ERA if the Cardinals want a chance at the postseason.

Paul Goldschmidt is back with the Cardinals. Last year Goldschmidt had 34 home runs and with a .260 batting average he was one of the reasons why the Cardinals won the N.L. Central. Yadier Molina is back with the Cardinals, last year Molina was plagued with injuries and only had 10 home runs, but he did have a .270 batting average when he was healthy.

The Cardinals as a team need to work on staying healthy all season if they want to compete for the N.L. Central and for the postseason.

Bottom Line..