2017 American League Division Series Preview: Boston Red Sox vs Houston Astros

Now that the Wild Card games are over, the League Division Series has begun. In the first matchup will be the Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros. This should be a good series to watch as both teams have good pitching and outstanding hitters. But lets look at the teams.

Boston Red Sox

This team looked like a favorite to win the World Series when coming into the season. However, they were overshadowed by two other teams in the league who played really well which hurt the Red Sox as they are put in a difficult position to make it to the World Series. Plus it almost felt like they underachieved a little bit. However, it is the postseason so anything can happen for them. Lets take a look at the team.


Doug Fister

Joe Kelly

Craig Kimbrel

Austin Maddox

Drew Pomeranz

Rick Porcello

David Price

Addison Reed

Eduardo Rodriguez

Chris Sale

Carson Smith

The pitching here is very good despite some down years from players. Chris Sale is arguably one of the best pitchers in baseball, but this will be his first taste of the postseason. Pomeranz had an excellent season and Rodriguez is a very talented left handed starter. Porcello won the Cy Young Award last season, but had an absolute dreadful season. Fister had a mixed results type season as he was either really good or he was really bad. This bullpen is very good and it gets a boost from Price who has been excellent after he was removed from the rotation. Kimbrel is one of the best closers in the game as his fastball is one of the hardest to hit.


Sandy Leon

Christian Vazquez

No matter who the Red Sox trot out there, they have a tandem who are both very good catchers who could start for any team.


Xander Bogaerts

Rafael Devers

Brock Holt

Deven Marrero

Mitch Moreland

Eduardo Nunez

Dustin Pedroia

This is a very talented infield with an underrated Bogaerts, an up and coming star in Devers, long time veteran in Pedroia, and reliable and productive Moreland. Holt is a utility player who can play anywhere while Marrero is great player off the bench. Nunez has been hampered by injuries the last month, but he will be a critical part of this team.


Andrew Benintendi

Mookie Betts

Jackie Bradley

Rajai Davis

Arguably the most talented part of this team as they have an up and coming star in Benintendi, great player in Bradley, and one of the best players in the game in Betts. Davis is a very speedy player, but is also good enough to start if any of the players get hurt.

Designated Hitter

Hanley Ramirez

Not quite the same player he was in his prime, but he is still a dangerous hitter.

Houston Astros

In 2014 Sports Illustrated published an issue that said that the Astros would be the 2017 World Series champions. At the time it seemed crazy as they were losing 100 games in what seemed like would happen every year as the team was rebuilding. Here we are in 2017 and they have won 100 games. They have shown that they might actually do it, but it will be a tall order. However, lets take a lot at this team.


Chris Devenski

Ken Giles

Luke Gregorson

Will Harris

Dallas Keuchel

Francisco Liriano

Lance McCullers

Charlie Morton

Joe Musgrove

Brad Peacock

Justin Verlander

Lots of casual baseball fans wouldn’t know much about this pitching staff, but they are very good. Like really good. Verlander is a proven veteran with plenty of postseason experience and each of the pitchers in the rotation (McCullers, Keuchel, Peacock) are very good. Plus their bullpen is deep and matches up well with the Red Sox bullpen including having a phenomenal closer in Gregorson.


Juan Centeno

Evan Gattis

Brian McCann

Plenty of power here as Gattis and McCann can crush a ball out of the park. Centeno is there just in case one of them gets hurt.


Jose Altuve

Alex Bregman

Carlos Correa

Yuli Gurriel

Tyler White

The most talented part of this team as they have all young players in Altuve, Bregman, and Correa who are All-Star caliber players. Gurriel is getting his first taste of MLB postseason as he came over from Cuba last year. White is a high ceiling player, but will be used in certain situations.


Derek Fisher

Marwin Gonzalez

Cameron Maybin

Josh Reddick

George Springer

This part of the roster is also very talented with Fisher looking like a stud and Springer looks like he could become one of the best players in baseball. Reddick hits for power and that really helps in this lineup. They also have Maybin and Gonzalez who both can play if anyone gets hurt.

Designated Hitter

Carlos Beltran

A legend of his own as he was once the best player in baseball. While he still is productive, he is a shell of his former self. He can use his leadership to help in this postseason.

This actually could be a very good series, but for some reason I feel like it could be a sweep. While both very talented teams, the Astros have the edge here. The Astros are more hungry and are out to prove something and I think that will help them win this series.

Prediction: Astros