A Look Back at the Big Bad Bruins

The modern NHL is absolutely killing me.  There's no intensity, no emotion, and no fighting.  I want to fall asleep during most of the games nowadays.  On a night with 10 or 11 games we're lucky if there's 2 or 3 fights.  The game is just not nearly as exciting as it used to be.  I never got to witness the old days first hand but video exists, and let me tell you, 1970's NHL is much better than what we have to watch today.  I was surfing around on YouTube today an came across a fantastic video.  It's a two hour long compilation of Bruin's fights from 1968 into the 70's.  I haven't watched the whole thing, but what I did see was incredible.  One thing I loved was how once one guy fought, everyone else jumped in.  Nowadays we're lucky if there's 1 or 2 line brawls a year.  Back in the old days it seemed like a weekly occurrence.  I also loved the ferocity in which the players fought.  These guys actually threw punches.  Most fights now are all defense and jersey grabbing.  Anyway, I just saw the video and wanted to share it.  This is what I wish hockey still was.  Unfortunately it's not, and the NHL probably never will be again.  All guys like me can do is relive the old days.  Wayne Cashman, Terry O'Reilly, John McKenzie; I wish people still played the way those guys did.