Did DeMarcus Cousins ruin the NBA and make a bad decision?

On Monday July 3, DeMarcus Cousins shocked the NBA and signed a one-year, $5.3 million deal with the Golden State Warriors. Honestly, this deal was very surprising to me because I believed he was going to LA to team up with LeBron. Instead, he decided to get the title with the Warriors. While most people hate the decision, I respect it. He is sacrificing playing time, money and statistics, just to win a championship. There are not a lot of players who are willing to do that. For god sakes, he is making the amount that the 8th man usually makes on a NBA roster. DeMarcus Cousins claims that he had no contract offers, so he went to the Warriors and asked to sign with them. I believe that he went to the Warriors, but I think he is lying when he says that he had no contract offers. I know that he won’t be available until around January and has attitude problems, but everyone knows that he can play. There must have been some teams that offered him a spot, but they were all bad. I don’t know why he couldn’t have just admitted this, but he chose to tell us that he had no offers. It is a great decision by DeMarcus Cousins because he is going to be to restart his career. With the Warriors, he will be able to change his attitude, as he will have to be way more unselfish. There will be some nights where he scores less than 10 points and he will have to be okay with that. If he can be unselfish on the Warriors, then everyone will forget about his attitude problems. Also, all Cousins needs is around 10 great games from January to the end of the season, with around 2-3 solid playoff games. If he can do that then there will be no questions about his injury. As most people believe, this is a one year stop for Cousins. I think that he will take this year to get rid of all of his doubts, so he can get a max contract. From there, he will become a free agent and sign with another team such as the LA Lakers. For the Warriors, this deal was so smart. First of all, you are able to add another all-star to your team, who happens to play your weakest position. The Warriors finally have a big-man presence that they have been lacking. I find it interesting that while the rest of the NBA goes to small-ball, the Warriors have decided to start going big again with the signings of Durant and Cousins. This just shows how special this Golden State franchise currently is. Second of all, the toughness level will increase on the team. The Warriors are considered a soft team with players like Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. Now that they have both Draymond Green and Cousins, the toughness argument is becoming less relevant. I think it will be very hard for teams to use their toughness to beat the Warriors now. Also, the Warriors are now more interesting, which will be useful for the team. After you win as much as the Warriors, it can get really boring. David West had said how hard it was to win this season because they have won so many times. With the addition of Cousins, there is a new energy in the locker room, which can help motivate the Warriors and allow them to win another championship. Finally, the addition of Cousins can allow the franchise to be compared to the greats. I honestly believe that the addition of Cousins shows that they have the greatest roster of all time. Their entire starting lineup is made up of all stars. ALL OF THEM ARE ALL STARS. I don’t think that the NBA has ever seen this before. With five all stars on their team, the Warriors have officially become the most talented team of all time. With Cousins, it is most likely that the Warriors win another championship, making it 4 in the last 5 years. That will officially make them a true dynasty. I don’t care how much you hate them, but a 4th championship for the Warriors will make them one of the greatest dynasties of all time. Most people claim that they will not watch the NBA now because it is “unfair.” They are lying to themselves. The NBA will still have good ratings because there are too many storylines right now. Are you telling me that you won’t watch the Warriors just because they are too good? No. You will watch them in order to see them mess up. The NBA always has bad ratings from December-March because of March Madness and Football, but now the NBA will have a compelling November, which shows that the NBA will not be worse with this super team. I hate how people think that the Warriors have an easy path to the championship. I, along with everyone else, think that the Warriors will win the championship. However, I won’t be surprised if they don’t. They have plenty of competition with the Rockets, Lakers, and Celtics. All three of those teams have a chance to defeat the Warriors. Their title is not a guarantee, but it is likely. In conclusion, this move was great for the Warriors and DeMarcus Cousins as the Warriors will most likely win it all, but this new Warriors team will not make the NBA unwatchable.