Under pressure - Dennis Schroder, Atlanta Hawks

Certain NBA players will get to play through the season without any worry or bother, they'll turn up to each game, put the ball through the hoop and return home without a peep on twitter.

Others won't and don't get this luxury...

They have no choice but to have every single one of their moves analysed, deconstructed and scrutinized without fail, night after night. Sometimes they won't be playing basketball!

This new series of 30 NBA blog posts is going to pick one player from each team and tell you why they'll be under the spotlight.

Atlanta Hawks - Dennis Schroder

Atlanta are going to rely on their German point guard a lot this season, and he will be feeling the pressure. With his support structure of recent years being traded away, he's going to be their main scorer and supplier on a very weak team. 

His main support units should not make the Hawks an terrible team, but they certainly won't stop them from being a very bad one. Kent Bazemore and Marco Belinelli should provide experienced and solid support on the starting line up, but the second unit will struggle.

They have only won two games so far this season (against the Mavs and a very odd looking Cavs) and are expected to compete with the Chicago Bulls for the lowest ranking team in the Eastern Conference.

Will this season change where Schroder ends up next season? No, it won't. 

He's only in the beginnings of his four-year, $70 million ($62 million guaranteed) deal, and the Hawks are looking at him to be the face of a rebuilding franchise, while the fans are looking at him to carry their whole team...

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